Here at Midwest Hospice we strive to make meaningful connections between us and our patients. We give our employees every possibly avenue to make those connections and create a bond between us and our patients. By doing this we, want to make a tough time just a little bit better. Without caring and skillful employees, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. As many know, our chaplain Cecil Day has more than his fair amount of musical talent. Cecil has played for many years and knows not only how to connect with his patients, but also how to make wonderful music on any number of instruments. Recently, Cecil used his wonderful talent to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for the patients at Wellington. Cecil teamed up with a choir group from Landmark Church known as the Landmark Boys. They worked together to provide the residents with a concert.

The concert was a huge success. The residents thoroughly enjoyed Cecil’s performance as did Wellington. Wellington requested that Cecil return for future concerts every few months.

Also, for our readers who remember, Midwest Hospice had a Veteran’s Day celebration at Wellington. We took the opportunity to thank our Veterans for the selfless work they did. There was cake, a service, and a room full of Veterans. At the end of the service and celebration we unveiled a Veterans Wall. The wall was a tangible example of our gratitude to those that were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. It gave those at Wellington, regardless of whether they were our patient, something to admire. We adorned the wall with service pictures of the Veterans who call Wellington home. It gave them the opportunity to look back on their time in the service and realize how much they truly did for us.

Recently, we added to the wall. Midwest had commissioned round insignias. One for each branch of the military. Our wonderful chaplain Cecil, continues to work tirelessly to continue to provide support and meaningful experiences for the residents at Wellington as well as other long term care facilities. We want to thank him for his hard work and thank Wellington for their continued support.