To bring January to a close, Midwest Hospice chaplain Cecil Day, presided over a service called The Blessing of the Hands. In conjunction with Volunteer Manager Sandy Newton, the two worked to provide the residents of a local nursing home with a meaningful experience.

The Blessing of the Hands is a service that is designed to bring those of all faiths and walks of life together to appreciate the importance behind their work. It is designed to bring to light the fact that everyone is responsible for the care of those around them. In its simplest form, it is praying over the hands, while at a crucial moment, turning them. In this turn, the presider is symbolizing that not only are they willing to give help, but also receive it.

Cecil spoke on the importance of being a caregiver and how everyone can assume the role. Sandy simultaneously played a vital background role collecting the wonderful pictures of the service. After Cecil called the residents to assume the caregiver role, he blessed their hands individually. The service was then concluded with ice cream sundaes being provided to the residents.

The Blessing of the Hands benefits the attendees of the service by giving them a sense of purpose. By assigning the attendees with the care of their neighbors, a sense of unity within the home was created. In times of uncertainty and with some of the residents receiving Hospice care, meaning a prognosis of six months or less, unity can make all the difference in both their mental and physical health.

Doing the Blessing of the Hands means simply that Midwest Hospice is interested in bringing a nursing home community together. By bringing them closer together and giving both staff and residents the job of caring, we strive to raise everyone’s quality of life.