Recently, Midwest Hospice launched the first video on our new YouTube channel! The channel will, moving forward, contain videos about the goings-on at Midwest. We will be posting different testimonials, events, and other information pertinent to the Hospice experience. The YouTube channel is a platform for us to express what people may not know about hospice and to remain transparent with our patients and their families. We are using this to keep the human touch that we so strive to provide, intact.

As we continue to grow as a company, we want to provide our patients families with the opportunity to see us in action. We want to provide our followers, patients, families, etc. with the opportunity to get an inside look at Midwest Hospice. This channel is for everyone and a way to emphasize that we are always available and open for communication. We encourage you to subscribe to our channel and to share our videos with whoever you feel would benefit from viewing them.

Through our YouTube Channel, we want to provide you with the chance to see the inner workings of Midwest and the effects of our work both in and out of the community. We also want to provide a platform for people to see what other’s think about us. By opening this up to the public, we are providing a line of communication between prospective patients and ourselves. We want to make sure that if there is any hesitation in choosing Midwest Hospice, that the testimonial section of our channel will assuage this uncertainty. With so many choices for your loved one, we want to show that we are, indeed, the best choice.

We would also like to personally thank the families that have provided us with testimonials thus far and we encourage you to continue to let us know how you feel. Midwest Hospice understands that the hospice process is a difficult one; yet, we commend your strength during this difficult time. We also realize that you expect the best for your loved ones and simply put, that is what we provide. This is merely another avenue to demonstrate that in choosing us, you have made the right decision.

There will be continued updates here on our blog. We will continue to link everything back to our Facebook page to keep you updated. If you have any questions about our new channel, our Facebook page, our website, hospice, or anything related to end of life, please reach out to us. We are happy to answer any question you may have, and as always, we thank you for choosing Midwest Hospice for your loved ones.