Flowers Rethought

May 29, 2017
One noticeable thing about the rooms used for treatment is how bare they can be. Unfortunately, some of…
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Working with Wellington

May 05, 2017
Here at Midwest Hospice we strive to make meaningful connections between us and our patients. We give our…
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Blessing of the Hands

February 06, 2017
To bring January to a close, Midwest Hospice chaplain Cecil Day, presided over a service called The Blessing…
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A Little About YouTube

January 23, 2017
Recently, Midwest Hospice launched the first video on our new YouTube channel! The channel will, moving forward, contain…
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The Misconceptions of Hospice

December 30, 2016
Working with a hospice company has a plethora of unexpected benefits. I am now able to see that…
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Going Above and Beyond

December 26, 2016
Sometimes life is filled with many special everyday moments that become a special memory in our lives. These…
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We Honor Veterans

December 14, 2016
Recently, Midwest Hospice began the long journey towards becoming a top tier provider for the Veterans’ Administration (VA). …
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Recognizing Service

November 17, 2016
In honor of Veterans Day, Midwest Hospice spent time at Renaissance West paying tribute to all of the…
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